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Proudly Launches - ILLUMINATION

The art of redefining and reimagining your personality – Steny Saridharan.

Most of us spend a lot of time asking ourselves a very simple question with an equivalent complex answer, “Am I doing the right thing. The problem is that our opinions about differences are usually inherently judgemental, which develops a flaw in our personality. Thus, to overcome the lack of confidence and self expression, Dictionary has base-lined some strategic analysis straight out of the labs of neurobiologists and psychologiest; that will most definitely help you overcome any personality problem that you may be facing.

Some fundamental concepts of our institute are stated below for your reference:

  • Deciding a personalized research strategy
  • Limiting your unnecessary option scenario
  • Teaching the methodology of acceptance of good enough
  • Defeating the fear of consequence
  • Helping you choose your own path
  • Developing confidence on your decisions
  • Developing the personality of a survivor

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